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Froth Craft Beer

Froth Craft Beer.

Launched in 2016 but in the works (and our hearts) for quite some time, Froth Craft Beer is the pride and joy of the The Freo Doctor Liquor Store and proprietor Jock Wilberforce.

Used to showcase our amazing and unique distribution brands, this is your local connection to the world of Australian Craft Beer.

Download the Froth Catalogue, check out our brands below or get in touch with us to find out more about what we offer.

We at Barrow Boys– Ash, Justin and Dean – are three guys with long backgrounds in brewing and hospitality. For one reason or another, we were all looking for a new challenge and were brought together by our mutual friend Ross, who helped us get the barrow rolling. We hit it off because of our shared love of Melbourne, craftsmanship and more importantly, beer. Starting our own independent brewing company together was the only way to go.


Big Shed Brewing Co. began brewing in Jason’s shed in a rented property in the Barossa back in 2002. The shed was huge, a farmers shed with easily enough room for the brewing equipment, cars, the Scalextric track (yeah that’s right), hardware, tools everything. We made some cracking beers that folks loved, we also made some abominations never to be seen again… That’s part of the journey and not something we would remove from our experience.


Kooinda Brewery began as the first ever residential licensed brewery in Australia, where the award winning first release – American Pale Ale was originally brewed on a 400L handmade brewhouse, and utilised a family in-ground swimming pool as a heat exchange to cool the beer as it transferred to the fermenter! In 2010, Kooinda moved to their premises in Heidelberg West to cope with the growing demand for their beer and in 2013 brewing capacity was doubled. Nowadays the beers  are tasting better than ever. Go on, take yourself there!


Killer Sprocket is a small brewing company founded in 2012 by Sean and Andrea Ryan. Our recipes have been developed through years of home brewing and reflect our passion for full flavoured ales. Our maiden release was the Killer Sprocket Amber ale, a darker shade of amber with chocolate and crystal malts balanced by a generous addition of three distinct hop varieties. In December 2013 we released our follow up beer Bandit, a peated pale with a medley of biscuit, dark fruit, toffee, spice and smoke flavours.


The Moo Brew brewery was installed at MONA, then Moorilla Estate, in 2005. In June of that year the first keg was sold and went on tap at T42° on Hobart’s waterfront. In 2010 Moo Brew expanded and opened a second brewery site 10 minutes up the road in Bridgewater, Tasmania. Due to continued expansion all brewery operations are now carried out at this secondary site. Moo Brew has become icon in Tasmania for many reasons but most all because the beers amazing!