Garage Project Tinnies (N.Z)

Those crazy cats at Garage Project from Windy Wellington have done it again.  Three new cans from the land of the long white cloud.

Pony Ride : (11.2%) Cola Beer brewed with cirus, spices, Kola nuts, Vanilla and aged in Boubon casks. Not for the feint hearted. $14.50ea

Hatsukoi : Hatsukoi, (5.5%) meaning first love, is a Japanese inspired pilsner. Brewed with light malted barley and rice using the traditional first press method. Clean, crisp with a delicate noble hop character. So fresh and so clean. $7.50ea

Red Zep : (5%) Brewed originally for Wellington on a Plate 2015, Red Zep is a hoppy red pilsner brewed with German new wave hops Mandarin, Barvaria, Sapphire and a whole lotta love. Red Zep has a heavier malt base that most pilsners, resulting a full bodied, red hued brew. $8.50ea

As always,  10% off of any mixed 6.

Ring the shop on 9335 2801 for more details or to book.