2017 Blind Corner ‘Field Blend’ Shiraz/Viognier

Blind Corner

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Like that French exchange student who everyone has a crush on, this wine offers an exotic attraction you can't quite put your tongue on. Made from mostly Shiraz, a touch of Viognier has also been added to the mix, giving a deeper colour, smoother mouthfeel and elusive elegance.
When harvested, the row of viognier is hand-picked separately and spread evenly between the picking bins of Shiraz. The grapes are foot-crushed in small, half-tonne ferments and hand plunged up to 3 times a day.
Before ferment is complete, the wine is gently basket-pressed to seasoned french oak for 10 months.
It is then settled out in tank prior to bottling, where it goes to bottle with only sulphites added, maturing for 9 months before release.
Make sure you sample some before this vintage flies off into the sunset, never to return again.

Ingredients: Grapes, minmal sulphites