Filament Coffee Nitro Coldbrew

Filament Coffee

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Ethically sourced coffee immersed in cold water for up to 24 hours.  No milk, or any other ingredient is added throughout the brew process.

The coffee soaks and steeps, just like tea leaves in a cup, only much slower.  Once brewed, it's kegged and filtered to remove fines. 

The cold brew is then infused with nitrogen gas. This takes time and will happen only under high pressure. When this black coffee is poured off tap, it has an incredible caramel colour, a creamy taste and a super smooth finish. The nitrogen micro-bubbles then start to fall in your glass, just like a Guinness.

Cold brewing coffee this way uses time instead of heat and pressure to extract its flavour.  The chemical composition of the natural oils, fats and solubles found in roasted coffee aren't altered using this method, meaning your cold brew has much less acidity and bitterness. Most of us add milk to our espresso coffee to neutralise its sharpness.  Cold brew is such a smooth black coffee that it allows our taste buds to recognise all of its delicate flavours.  We like to think of tasting cold brew as similar to tasting a fine wine.

The long brew time also means Filament cold brew is naturally high in caffeine.  A serving size of 250mL is around the equivalent of a double shot espresso.

Price includes a 1L reusable growler. Refills are $15.