Spinifex Wines 3 Pack


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Spinifex is one of the undercover jewels of the Barossa Valley, and very much a pioneer of the changing direction of this famous region.

Husband and wife team Peter Schell & Magali Gely have extensive experience in southern France, which proves the inspiration for their unique wines made from predominantly Rhone varietals.

There are few wineries who deliver refinement and poise from the Barossa Valley like Spinifex.  These are brilliant Barossa wines.

2019 Spinifex Papillon  RRP $28
Enchanting  blend of Cinsautlt and Grenache - bright, spicy and made for daytime drinking!

2018 Spinifex Moppa Shiraz RRP $50
A perfumed, dark and exotically spiced Barossa Valley Shiraz. Aromatically complex, high toned liquored cherry, ripe mullberry and Crème de Cassis fruit aromas overlay sandalwood, cardamom, star anise spice and deeper wood ash and leather notes. Intriguing and deep. 

2018 Spinifex Indigene RRP $70
Dark plum, ripe blackberry fruit and suede lead on the attack. Core flavours get darker and more roasted through the palate and are lifted with delicate dried floral notes on the finish. The palate is driven by a streak of cherry pit like acid and firm pickled walnut tannin. Full and vigorous, strong fruit with equally strong structure, fresh.