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The Grumpy Fish

Grumpy Fish Gin

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Grumpy Fish gin is a well-rounded, handcrafted spirit with lingering hints of lavender and geranium. Botanicals vapour-infused into the hand-crafted base include almonds, citrus peel, star anise and coriander, with hints of spice from cinnamon, ginger, cloves and cardamom. Finally, lavender flowers and geranium leaves give Grumpy Fish its signature smooth, fragrant finish.

Grumpy Fish Distillery operates from Paul Conti Wines - a third generation family business in Woodvale, north of Perth. This exciting partnership stems from a shared commitment to quality product and time-honoured techniques and traditions. High-quality open-fermented fruit at Paul Conti Wines forms part of Grumpy Fish Gin, making for an exceptional combination.
Not all fruit will make a great wine; luckily for us, the fruit that would otherwise go to waste at Paul Conti Wines makes for an excellent spirit base. Grumpy FTish Distillery contributes to reduce the wastage involved in winemaking. So not only will you get a beautifully finished drink - you’ll get a sustainable one too.