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Pot & Still

Pot & Still Fig Gin

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The figs are poached gently to extract the sweet fig aroma, essence, and earthiness. The gin botanicals and spirit show early on the nose with all the fig showing on the palate. Enjoy on the rocks with a squeeze of lime for a flavour explosion and a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity, follow with a little tonic, (mediterranean fever tree recommended) or soda to create the perfect G & T.

- 500ml Bottle, 29% Alc./Vol.

Tasting note:
[20ml sample] Bright gold. Opens with a bouquet of fresh figs and traditional botanicals. Brief air contact accents hints of lavender, lemon verbena and earthy juniper while the fruit retreats. Pure and creamy with semi-sweet fig flavours dominating, finishing with delicate peel / herbal freshness. Skilfully balanced. Try it with a wedge of lime.