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South by South West

South by South West Sangiovese

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Again, we continue to the challenge the norm for expected varietals grown within the Margaret River region by producing our third vintage of Sangiovese. Although our vintage in Tuscany seems like a distant past memory, the taste of a great Chianti is still very fresh in our minds and although we are not trying to replicate a Chianti, we are drawing on the traditional techniques we acquired from our time in Tuscany and putting our new world, Margaret River contemporary spin on the varietal.

This is a rare Margaret River expression of this variety and made in tiny amounts. Our Sangiovese aims to showcase a fruit forward wine with present tannins and great natural acidity. By embracing carbonic maceration our Sangiovese earns the title of ‘Juicy Banger’ and is the perfect fresh, juicy wine to go with friends and food.