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Veueve Fourny

Veuve Fourny et Fils Champagne Blanc de Blanc

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An 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir blend that includes 40% reserve wines. A buoyant mousse sits atop a pale gold coloured base wine which is threaded by a very fine and profuse bead. Showing ample intensity out of the glass is a mixture of baked bread, pear and yeast lees aromatics which are trailed by citrus, brioche and hints of honeyed cashew. Rich and full on the palate but with a surprisingly brisker feel than the Blanc de Blancs, vibrant yet mouthfilling flavours of yeast lees and oily baked bread are intermeshed with citrus, toast and almonds. Finishes dry and crisp with a long aftertaste that has a lingering oily toast and yeast lees like component to it.